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On Site Design Consultation

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Having trouble figuring out where to start with planning for a finance lab on your campus? How would you like for a consultant to visit for a two day strategy session with yourself and your faculty to share their expertise earned through helping establish nearly 300 labs across North America.

Key Advantages:

  • 2 Days of brainstorming to share knowledge of industry trends and introductions to key industry partners
  • Guidance on selecting the right space (if you have multiple rooms to choose from)
  • Advice on optimizing room layout for furniture and technology
  • Bringing together Administration, Faculty, Facilities, IT, and Business Development
  • Help setting budgets for fundraising and providing color rendering to share with potential donors.

Program Outline:

Day One

  • We will meet with yourself and your administration to review the objectives for the room, budgets, and timelines.
  • Tour of the space (or available room options) to identify obstacles and document the layout with photos and measurements.
  • This will be followed by a meeting with faculty to gather their needs for the space, the types of
    classes, and any input regarding the use of display technology in the lab. This will also include
    exploring market data and simulation program options and review of existing or plans for a Student
    Managed Fund.
  • Meeting with Business Development to discuss fundraising strategies and objectives and help set

Day Two

  • Recap presentation to stakeholders to ensure we have properly captured the goals and needs.
  • Walkthrough of the space to make suggestions on the design and configuration options based on
    feedback from Day 1.
  • Discussion with facilities and IT

Follow Up

  • Color Rendering of the space
  • Budgetary outline of technology and components

If you would like pricing for one of our consultants to visit your campus please contact us.