University Finance Lab

Lessons Learned in Implementing a Business Lab (Watch Recording)



This panel discussion focused on the key components to assembling a Business Lab such as: LED Tickers, video walls, live market data, trading simulations, room, design and much more.  The first few minutes were spent sharing some of the key metrics regarding Student Managed Funds, Room Size, and software tools used.   Followed by a live Q&A Session with Wendell Godwin from East Central University, Mitzi Green with University of West Alabama, and Pawan Madhogarhia from York College – each of whom recently added these state-of-the-art facilities to their schools.

During the live Q&A we talked about how the rooms were created, how the designs were funded, and some of the obstacles faced when implementing the lab.  Some of the highlights were:

  • Sharing feedback on what they would have done different if they were doing it today.
  • Discussing the costs and strategies for funding them.
  • How the rooms have resulted in additional awareness for the finance program and increased enrollment.
  • The importance of the room design / layout and how that fits with the curriculum.

If you would like to catch the hour long conversation you can watch the recording below: