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Stock-Trak’s virtual trading applications are one of the core software components necessary to make a University Finance Lab a success. Once your students have completed their research and analysis using one of the other research tools, they need one of Stock-Trak’s virtual trading applications to allow them to place trades, test strategies, and monitor their portfolios’ performance in real-time. Stock-Trak offers universities two ways to incorporate its virtual trading application into their business program: Universities can have their own fully customized and university branded, white label virtual trading website, or they can subscribe to a site license to

Stock-Trak’s University Branded Trading Room Platform is a turnkey, white label virtual trading platform that offers the most in flexibility and branding. The University Trading Room Platform website is built using your school’s colors, logos, graphics, favorite links, and personalized navigation and is an ideal solution for universities looking to recognize their sponsors or to integrate the platform with other aspects of the Business School. The platform can be accessed from anywhere, not just the trading room, 24/7 to allow students and professors the greatest flexibility.

A site license to is the economical solution for universities wanting access to the web’s leading educational virtual trading platform. Used by Business Schools for over 23 years, offers is used by over 80% of the top Business Schools and by over 1,000 professors each year in their Investments, Portfolio Management, Derivatives, Personal Finance, Economics, and Accounting classes.
Both options feature real-time bid/ask execution of all U.S. stock, option, and futures trades, along with trading of bonds, mutual funds, and global equities from over 30 exchanges. Professors customize their trading period to match their class objectives by creating trading challenges that can last a day, a week, a semester or an entire year.

Visit these examples of University Branded Trading Sites by Stock-Trak: