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Rise Vision is an Enterprise Digital Signage Platform that provides everything you need to create amazing digital signage for FREE. Subscribe to Reuters Financial and News data feeds to keep a pulse on current market conditions.

Market Wall Display

A market wall can be passive or interactive and provide faculty and students with the vital market information at a glance. While most labs have robust research programs at the desktop, a large format digital display provides the snapshot of how the broad markets are doing to act as an early indicator for changes in the market.


Info Wall Display

Beyond stocks and news there is other information vital to helping students stay up to date as they pass through the hallways. By integrating basic financial updates with event schedules, faculty directories, campus maps, and key messages from the Dean, an Info Wall helps you communicate in real-time.


Donor Wall Display

Finance labs are often funded by generous donors and key business partners. A digital display is a perfect way to recognize these contributions and help you secure additional funding for future projects.


Student Managed Fund Display

The ultimate goal for a finance program is to secure the opportunity to manage real funds. Simulations are fantastic but giving students the opportunity to manage a real portfolio and monitor the progress on a daily basis to see their success is the definition of real-world learning.