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Morningstar Direct Institutional Investment Analysis Platform

Morningstar Direct is a global investment analysis platform that combines the information and tools needed to select investments and analyze portfolios. Qualitative analysis and news help student portfolio managers make sense of and anticipate effects on investments. Students have access to Direct’s real-time portfolio monitoring capabilities, while powerful attribution methodologies and customizable reports allow them to examine and explain the effects of portfolio management decisions. Students who use Morningstar Direct gain experience with institutional data, independent research and industry-standard investment analysis tools. They can learn the product quickly and effectively by taking advantage of our product certification program.

Select Investment Research Institutional Equity & Credit Research

Select helps institutional investors, portfolio managers and student-managed investment funds to extend their internal research capabilities and support investment decisions. Through Select, users have direct access to research from industry-focused equity and credit analysts, including company valuations, forecasts, industry dynamics, and competitive landscapes. Select connects institutional investors with expanded, in-depth equity and credit research on approximately 1,600 global stocks in more than 90 industry groups, as well as sector reports, detailed competitive analyses, new relevant investment ideas, and more.

Morningstar Markets Commodities Edition – A flexible, web-based application makes Morningstar Markets an essential tool for trading professionals, researchers, risk managers and market participants who require a consolidated view of historical and real-time data. The application offers flexible options for layout and appearance and is accessible from any PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device, using a standard web browser with no installation or upgrades required. 300 plus data sources covering Energy, Power, Agriculture, Metals, Macro, and Weather. In addition to the physical markets, coverage includes data from futures exchanges, electronic platforms, over the counter (OTC) markets and brokers. Alongside price data, Morningstar offers extensive global fundamental datasets.

Morningstar Commodity Add-In 4.0 – The Commodity Add-In is a high-powered tool that brings consolidated market data alongside Morningstar’s rigorous quality-assurance checks into Microsoft® Excel®. The Add-In was developed by Morningstar in partnership with clients who demand fast access to large amounts of data over wide area networks. Real-Time and Delayed Data This functionality allows users to receive live and delayed data quotes within Microsoft® Excel® using simple native commands. Users can access real-time data feeds from global futures exchanges and the North American Power Markets (ISOs). The real-time functionality is part of the Commodity Dashboard subscription. Element Functions The series of fourteen functions gives users the ability to extract meta-data such as descriptions, expiry dates and contract sizes for any contracts. Similar to other Excel® functions, results are returned in one cell allowing for dynamic spreadsheet creation.