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For over 25 years, we have designed nothing but trading rooms and trading desks.

Since the firm’s inception, Gerd Althofer Consulting Architect has designed well over one hundred trading rooms for some of the nation’s leading financial institutions as well as foreign banks, both here and abroad, with an aggregate total of over fifteen thousand trading positions. More recently, the firm has expanded to provide design and consulting services to academic institutions for teaching environments such as finance lab classrooms.

Gerd Althofer Consulting Architect will undertake, as the client requires, the full range of architectural planning services, or any part thereof: from the design/specification of the trading desk to the planning of the entire facility. We will work with the client’s in-house staff as well as with outside architects, engineers and consultants.

Recognizing that no two finance lab projects are alike, we know and believe that the success of any trading room project depends not only on the consultant’s expertise but on his ability to ask the right questions, to listen, and to translate the answers into a coherent plan that is capable of meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations, as well as adapting to the ever-changing requirements of the trading environment and the technologies involved.