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Bringing The Real World of Financial Services into the Classroom (Watch Recording)

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On June 2nd we hosted a panel discussion on bringing the real world of financial services into the classroom. The conversation featured the following expert panelists and was moderated by Ryan Cahoy of Rise Vision.

  • Dave Snyder, Executive Vice President, Securities Training Corporation
  • Matt Doran, Principal, Edward Jones
  • Marvin Keene, Finance & Economics Department Chair, Coastal Carolina University
  • Andrew Scott, Asst. Finance Professor, Maryville University

The one hour conversation focused on the origins of the University Program created by STC and sponsored by Edward Jones has helped Coastal Carolina University and Maryville University better engage their students and prepare them for a career after graduation.  If you would like to watch a recorded version you can visit the Google Events page or watch the embedded version below:

**Note there is a recording glitch from about 3:30 to 5:00 so feel free to skip past that, the remainder of the panel discussion is working properly.