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  • Live Hangout to Discuss Finance Labs

    Live Hangout to Discuss Finance Labs

    April 12 2014

    Live Google Hangout on Wednesday April 16th at 10am (Central) to review the latest University Finance Labs stats  and trends. You can view the event on Google +.

  • Finance Lab Group Conversations

    Finance Lab Group Conversations

    April 11 2014

    If you are interested in University Finance Labs I would encourage you to join and follow the conversations in the Linkedin Group.  There are now over 400 members and recently there have been some great conversations recently such as:       Some other recent posts include: Update on latest stats collected 6th Graders outperform Universities Installa[...]

  • University Finance Lab Stats

    University Finance Lab Stats

    April 10 2014

    We recently updated our stats on the size of labs, use of student managed funds, and the analysis and simulation programs used by the 276 finance labs across North America. Please check out our online map of labs and if we have anything incorrect or are missing any details please email us at so we can update. There have been some lively conversations about strategies fo[...]